About Me.

It all started with a "create-your-own-card" making kit, some old school design software and the fancy scribbles of a six-year-old. Fast forward 12 years and while perusing the pages of the college course catalog looking for what to major in, I didn't have to look past the first letter in the alphabet. Listed under "Art" was Graphic Design, something I didn't even realize could be a career.

I have been a graphic designer since the age of 10, I just didn't know it yet. That old school design software was what helped me turn my English papers and class projects into something more interesting and that stood out. I found my strengths in layout design and information organization and have never looked back.

Twelve years ago and two days after graduating from UC Davis, I started working as the Graphic Designer for Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek. Three years later, I was promoted to Senior Graphic Designer then worked by way up to leading our design team as Creative Director at the corporate office. In the past nine years, I have modernized our marketing, provided art direction on multiple website redesigns, branded countless programs, centralized our design team to the corporate office, expanded our video strategy, and contributed to a year-over-year growth in membership sales and program revenue.

In 2010, I started my own business, designing wedding invitations and all the paper goods that go along with it. It has been a wonderful creative outlet and a way to continuously challenge myself with design projects that are a completely different style than my day job.